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  If you're linking to or have bookmarked this page, I've repainted my front door! Please reset your marker to www.andyquan.com. Thanks (23 Feb 08)
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  • February 08: My new book of poetry, Bowling Pin Fire, is out and available in Canada, Australia and worldwide. 
  • Feb 08: A new frontpage is coming soon. I'm sure of it! 
  • Dec 07: recent photos of niece/nephew from July to Nov. I've switched from PC to Mac and have finally downloaded new webpage editing software. 
  • April 07. OK. It took forever but the whole set of Christmas photos of the family are up!
  • March 07. My website is now being hosted by my pal, Tim, which will make my life (and website) much easier. Expect updates and changes soon.
  • In the meantime, slight redesign of the My Books and Writing page, and a link on Writing Links to my occasional Blog (10 Jan 07)
  • Otherwise, just have a surf around...

The main reason for my website is to promote my books, but it's also to share my travels and travails with friends and family, and to show off photos of my niece and nephew! However you've stumbled across this page, welcome to my world! Thanks to Tim Mansfield for hosting me (and giving me lots of good tech advice!) The rather amazing Kenny Campbell was the person who provided the original design and layout for this website, and taught me how to get it online!

Contact me at andy(at)andyquan.com (at = @ - I've removed the hyperlink to prevent webcrawlers from harvesting my e-mail address and sending me junk mail...)

Cyber-hugs to you wherever you are reading this.

xo Andy


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